My Marketing Plan for Selling Your House!

    MY Marketing Plan for Your House.    

List with a Local Real Estate Professional!

Jeff MacNeil 
Real Estate Agent

As a full-time agent working throughout Halifax HRM, I have more than 14 years experience selling in our competitive market. I have consistently secured offers for my listing clients well over asking price in most cases and can provide you with many transaction samples if you wish. You can feel comfortable knowing your protected throughout your important sale and know that you will have a professional who has your back when it comes time for negotiating.

*As an added bonus and as part of my listing service for you, I will have your house pre-inspected! This will give your new listing an edge OVER the competition as this will attract MORE qualified buyers to your door as we will have documentation ready to make them feel more confident in your house over any other listing similar to yours in your neighborhood. 

Ambition, integrity and courage are traits you should look for when hiring an agent, I have personally knocked on over 5000 Doors in our community, you will be hiring someone who will have the drive, honesty and daily consistency to achieve your goals. 

Here’s how we get started:

1. Sign and complete your listing agreement – So I can begin all the required work to go into your important listing. This agreement allows me, legally, to advise you in a client capacity.

2.*I will schedule to have your house pre-inspected – Here I have partnered up with a professional inspector who will inspect your whole home and we will make the documentation available to potential qualified buyers. Your listing will rise above the competition and will stand out much more in our market.

3. I will schedule a Professional Photographer – I will never take my own photos. This is a very important  transaction for you and you deserve the best in all marketing efforts. A professional photographer will work with me to develop the best content for your listing.

4. Determine all the measurements of your House– When creating your listing, I will ensure the accuracy of all the information that is being submitted and presented.

5. A Visible “for sale” yard sign will be installed – Part of marketing plan is to have installed a professional branded yard sign visible to your neighborhood which will help attract neighborhood traffic. When your house is SOLD I will place a sold rider for everyone to see.

6. My partners develop a branded presentation video for your house – Online video content has become an important aspect of social media, this will also be included.

7. Commence Marketing Efforts – Your new listing will be constructed. We begin inputting all data, measurements and advertising for your listing on MLS. I will coordinate and set up all appointments with qualified buyers. Your house will be advertised on our most popular internet sites in Canada, including but not limited to:,, and all brokerage websites who participate in advertising all MLS data.
You WILL reach your desired audience.

. You will be provided with continuous updates – I know effective communication is very important to you while selling your biggest asset. I will communicate with you on a continual basis to provide you with activity reports and market updates. You will always be kept in the loop with the buyer activity on your home. And when you have any questions, I will always be here for you.

9. When it’s time to negotiate – When we receive an offer(s) for your home, I will ensure you are provided with the proper guidance on how to respond to each and every offer that comes forth. You will be fully informed on when it is time to accept, counter or reject offers that are submitted for your listing.

*Should you have any questions, please reach out to me at anytime during the listing process. I will be there for your before, during and after your important Sale!

**This marketing plan has been proven to produce the results you expect, it is enhanced, and provides you with more resources above the competition to sell your house in our competitive industry. My compensation fee is: 5% plus HST of the final sale price, only payable on the successfull sale of your house on closing.

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